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Digital Visual Effects

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Envision the exciting world of digital effects!

Robots CRASHHHH through the window sending glass splinters flying! Before the office occupants realized what was happening, laser pulses cut across the room, tearing everything in its path. Their human legs feel strangely heavy with fear as they race to find a safe spot from the destruction wrought by the invaders….


We envision scenes like these when we talk about visual effects (VFX) because we have been enthralled by the fantastic scenes brought to us by movies like Transformers, Avatar and 2012.



If you have been longing to be part of this exciting and creative world, there is no better place to begin your “VFX” journey than through SIDM’s Diploma in Digital Visual Effects (DVE).


Join our exciting world of digital effects!

Designed for the Creative Techie, the Diploma in Digital Visual Effects aims to train its students from ground up in both the artistic and technical skills needed for the next generation of visual effects specialists.


Join the Diploma in Digital Visual Effects to:


  • Learn the fundamentals of art, basic visual design and computer-generated effects animation.

  • Discover interesting techniques that go into the creation of digital effects for Hollywood movies and next-generation video games.

  • Benefit from our partnerships with companies like Side Effects Software, the creator of Houdini 3D software. Our students are given the unique privilege to be attached to company in the US for project development and in-depth training, while mentored by Hollywood studios experts.


Our DVE students get involved in exciting VFX projects like Mediacorp‘s Channel 8 TV drama series ‘Unriddled’


Look forward to an exciting VFX career!

Graduates will be able to apply their skills in the digital entertainment industry such as visual effects, animation, film, commercials and games. They will be able to take up positions with the following job titles:


  • Visual Effects Artist/Specialist

  • Shader Programmer/ Technical Director

  • Lighting Artist / Technical Director

  • Digital Compositor

  • Matchmover Artist

  • Rotoscope Artist

  • Film Production Assistant



Our partnerships and strong links to the industry bring students unique opportunities like the overseas attachment programme with Side Effects Software Inc in the USA.


View our students’ works here