About the Course

Do you want to make big waves with the “science of small”? Nanotechnology is one of the most important technologies today, creating solutions that are cheaper, faster, smaller and stronger, with applications in almost every aspect of our lives. With our Diploma in Nanotechnology & Materials Science course, you can be at the forefront of this leading technology.

Gain a strong foundation in producing advanced materials, such as polymers and ceramics, to create smart products for an ever-changing world. Your knowledge in both nanotechnology and materials science will open you to diverse career opportunities in high-growth industry sectors, including healthcare, electronics and renewable energy.

This diploma is for you if…

You are passionate about science and technology and are inspired to create new and useful products using advanced materials.

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What You'll Study

  • Career Prospects

    Look forward to a rewarding and challenging career in…

    • Materials development and processes
    • Materials characterization & analysis
    • Nanotechnology

    Materials Development and Processes
    With your knowledge in chemistry, materials science and materials process technology, you can get a job as a development engineer or materials process engineer.

    Materials Characterization and Analysis
    With hands-on training in operating and handling specialised equipment, instruments and tools for characterisation and analysis, you will be well-qualified as a quality engineer or laboratory/research technologist. 

    You will be able to support the design and development of nanotechnology products in nanotechnology and nanoscience laboratories using smart, nano-structured devices and nanomaterials.

  • Further Studies

    NYP’s Diploma in Nanotechnology & Materials Science enables you to further your study at local and international universities, with advanced standings for related undergraduate degree programmes. Our graduates have pursued degrees at:

    Local Universities

    Overseas Universities

    • Queen Mary, University of London
    • University of Auckland
    • University of Queensland
    • Monash University