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Applying to PFP

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What is the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP)?


The PFP prepares Sec 4N(A) students to enter full-time diploma courses via a one-year foundational programme. At NYP, besides getting an introduction to your chosen diploma course, you'll also take modules in communication skills, project skills, and sports and wellness, among others.

After passing your PFP, you will be admitted to Year 1 of your diploma course.

Applying to PFP

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Can I apply?

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be a secondary 4N(A) student
  • Obtain a raw (before CCA) aggregate of 12 points, or lower, from English, Mathematics and your best three subjects (ELMAB3) at your N Levels. Subjects taken at O Levels can be combined with your N-Level results to compute your PFP eligibility

Eligible students will receive an invitation to apply on the O-Level Results Release Day.


To be eligible for a course, you must meet the minimum ELMAB3 requirements of that specific course. Some courses also have medical requirements that you must meet.


However, meeting the minimum entry requirements of a course does not guarantee you a spot. Admission to a course is based on merit and subject to the availability of vacancies. You may refer to the past year’s ELMAB3 score range to gauge the competitiveness of admission.

  • Courses have different requirements depending on whether they fall under Group 1 or Group 2.


    N-Level SubjectsMinimum Required Grades: Group 1Minimum Required Grades: Group 2
    English Language Syllabus A32
    Mathematics Syllabus A / Additional Mathematics33

    One of the following relevant subjects:

    • Design & Technology
    • Food & Nutrition / Nutrition & Food Science
    • Science (Chemistry, Biology)
    • Science (Physics, Biology)
    • Science (Physics, Chemistry)

    One of the following relevant subjects:

    • Art
    • Geography
    • History
    • Humanities (Social Studies, Geography)
    • Humanities (Social Studies, History)
    • Humanities (Social Studies, Literature in English)
    • Literature in English
    • Principles of Accounts
    Any two other subjects (excluding CCA*)44

    *CCA points will be considered in the posting to a course

  • Learn about your desired course's net ELMAB3 range for PFP 2024 here. Using the filter function, select "N Level" and view the net ELMAB3 aggregate of the highest to lowest ranked students who were admitted to NYP courses in the 2024 PFP Admissions Exercise.

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How do I apply?


Apply online

Application period: 11 Jan - 16 Jan 2024

If you are eligible for PFP, you will receive Form P containing your PFP PIN. You can log in to the PFPAE portal using the PFP PIN and submit your 5 choices.


Receive posting results

The PFP posting results will be released at 2pm on Tuesday, 23 January 2024 through the PFPAE portal. You will need to indicate your acceptance or rejection of the offer by 4pm on Monday, 29 January 2024.

Applicants who have not been posted to a course, or wish to change to another course after the release of the PFP posting results may submit a PFP appeal.


Get ready to begin!

If you are successful in your PFP application and have accepted your offer, get ready to begin your PFP experience from April! 


You will receive enrolment notifications via sms and email by mid Feburary. You will need to log in to the NYP e-enrolment system to accept the course offer and complete the enrolment process. Check out the academic calendar on course commencement date

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PFP appeal process

Appeal application period: 2pm on Tuesday, 23 January to 4pm on Monday, 29 January 2024


Applicants who have not been posted to a course, or wish to change to another course after the release of the PFP posting results may submit 3 choices for your appeal via the PFPAE Portal. All course postings are based on merit and availability of vacancies in the selected courses.


If you are successful in your appeal:

  • You will have 3 working days to accept or reject your new offer, following which the offer will be voided.
  • Your original PFP offer will be voided, regardless of whether you accept the new PFP offer.


If you are unsuccessful in your appeal, you have the following options:

  • Accept the original PFP offer
  • Reject the original offer and continue with Secondary 5