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Part-Time Diplomas & Certificates

Part-Time Courses, Full-Time Advancement



Stay ahead of the curve in your chosen field. Our curriculum, co-developed with industry experts, remains on top of the latest developments in business and technology.


Immersive Learning

Be guided by industry veterans and empowered by cutting-edge technologies. Our interactive and dynamic curricula create an engaging and immersive environment that will help you thrive.


Stackable Modules

Structure your course, your way. Achieve your academic and career goals with maximum flexibility and customisation.

Available Programmes

Part-Time Diploma

For adult learners who want to gain a Diploma qualification and learn industry-relevant skills and knowledge to advance their careers. Modular options may be available to allow for more flexible learning schedules.

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Duration 5 semesters or 2.5 years
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Modular courses available Learn more

Other Certifiable Courses

We offer other courses that allow participants to get a certificate upon completion, e.g. WSQ certificate, or Certificate of Completion. Entry requirements vary depending on the specific course.

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Duration 1 day to 180 days

Modular arrangement

A modular arrangement is applicable to some diploma programmes. Instead of committing 30 continuous months to complete the programme, you are able to take the prescribed modules, earning a Modular Certificate after meeting the requirements within 6-month. If you obtain all 5 Modular Certificates within 2.5 to maximum 5 years, you will be conferred a full qualification diploma.

Modular Arrangement

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • NYP adopts a flexible learning approach that allows you to earn recognised diplomas/certificates, and upgrade your skills with industry-aligned part-time programmes.


    Part-time diploma programmes are designed to accommodate individuals who may be working or have other commitments and cannot attend full-time classes. These programmes usually offer evening or weekend classes, allowing students to pursue their education while balancing other responsibilities.

  • Diploma courses (target post-secondary/ITE graduates) and post-diploma courses (target diploma/degree holders) are both forms of tertiary education, but they serve different purposes and target different groups of students.


    In summary, while diploma courses provide foundational education and skills training, post-diploma courses such as Specialist Diploma and Advanced Diploma offer advanced training and specialisation for individuals who have already completed a diploma programme and want to further their education or expand their career opportunities.

  • A Modular Certificate (MC) is obtained upon completion of all the prescribed modules under a part-time diploma. A diploma qualification can be obtained with a culmination of five modular certificates completed with the Polytechnic. This arrangement is great for working adults who need the flexibility of time as they can choose to complete modular certificates within 2.5 to maximum 5 years.

  • Industry Partnerships and Integration:

    NYP is known for its strong ties with industry partners, allowing students to gain real-world experience through internships, projects, and collaborations with companies. This integration with the industry ensures that NYP graduates are well-prepared for the demands of the workforce.