Our Approach: NYP360

NYP360: Innovation as a service. Work with us to revolutionise your business through multi-disciplinary innovation, workforce transformation and workplace learning.


Introducing NYP360, where we offer innovation as a service to design end-to-end solutions for your every business need

Embark on NYP360 so we can work with you to:
  • Support business transformation with multi-disciplinary innovation
  • Redesign jobs and work processes to be future ready
  • Develop a holistic one stop end-to-end solution
  • Transform business in a sustainable manner

Empowering future-readiness across all industries. Have a glimpse of what we offer.

See the possibilities with NYP360 by exploring our featured sectors.

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Advanced manufacturing

Leverage digital and advanced technologies to re-invent and transform businesses in advanced manufacturing operations.

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Technology and processes advancement along with skills training, to address the increasing demands and complexity of our nation’s healthcare needs.

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Innovative solutions to make operations efficient and grow business, from food production to food service.

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Technology adoption & digitalisation in retail to extend your company’s reach, to help your brand grow and remain relevant.

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Other sectors

We welcome collaboration across all sectors. Connect with us to explore how we can shape the future-readiness of your organisation together.