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Have a creative idea you’re dreaming of bringing to life? MakerSpaceNYP can make it happen for you. Launched in July 2016, MakerSpaceNYP was created for students and staff to help turn their bright ideas into reality.


Creative tinkerers can find everything they need here – workstations, 3D and t-shirt printing stations; areas to sew, make jewellery and for paper crafting and letter pressing. There are also photography, videography and audio recording studios.


With such a wide range of tools, materials and facilities at your disposal, you’re only limited by your imagination!


If you’re interested in user experience, interaction design, or media design – head over to our MakersNode, launched in 2019.


Here, you’ll find brainstorming areas for a whole range of digital technologies, with rapid mock-up capability, eye-tracking (beginning of 2019), virtual reality (VR), vlogging, stop-motion and green screen videography, as well as media editing facilities using the complete Adobe CC suite of software.

MakerSpaceNYP Residency Programme
Residency programme

Turn your wildest ideas into tangible realities. Introducing the MakerSpaceNYP Residency Programme – your passport to a world of endless possibilities!

  • Access Cutting-Edge Tools: Imagine having the power to bring your imagination to life with state-of-the-art equipment like 3D printers, laser cutters, and more. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to innovation!

  • Join a Thriving Community: Get ready to dive into a vibrant community of like-minded makers who share your passion for pushing boundaries. Collaborate, brainstorm, and learn from fellow creators in an environment buzzing with creativity.

  • Level Up Your Skills: Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the programme offers the perfect playground to hone your skills. From prototyping to fabrication, electronics, and design, there's always something new to learn and master.

  • Showcase Your Talent: Picture yourself showcasing your incredible creations to the world! With exhibition opportunities and events, you'll have the chance to shine bright and gain recognition for your hard work and ingenuity.

  • Forge Lifelong Connections: Connect with fellow students who share your passion. Who knows? Your next collaborator or mentor, or even business partner could be just a conversation away.


The future of innovation awaits. Ready to embark on your maker journey? 

iO Pre-Incubator

Ready to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey? At NYP, we're dedicated to nurturing the next generation of innovators and changemakers. As a student here, you'll gain exclusive access to our Pre-Incubator Programme – the perfect launchpad for turning your startup dreams into reality!


Joining us means unlocking a world of opportunities, where you'll:

  • Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit

  • Receive expert guidance & mentorship

  • Transform ideas into impact

  • Get support and flexibility


Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to jumpstart your entrepreneurial career! Embark on this exciting journey together. Your startup success story starts here at NYP.


Mentoring for Startup

We will guide and support you in bringing your ideas to life. From accelerating your concepts to providing incubation resources, and ultimately exploring the path to startup success, we're committed to nurturing your entrepreneurial spirit. Turn your dreams into thriving ventures.

Small Project Funding

Pitch your wildest ideas and secure funding to bring them to life. At NYP, it’s about empowering student creativity and innovation. You'll gain access to funding opportunities for mock-ups and prototypes to turn your concepts into reality.

JumpStart Programme

Got a prototype ready to test, a market-ready idea waiting to launch, or a burning desire to turn your vision into reality? Dive into a supportive environment at JumpStart Programme at NYP, where you'll receive resources and guidance to develop your ideas into tangible successes.