Bouncing off Multi-disciplinary Ideas!
School of Engineering Published on 27 Oct 2017

The concept of innovation can be overwhelming - Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb, Henry Ford revolutionising manufacturing and Mark Zuckerberg redefining social parameters. But innovation is not exclusive to the select few of mad scientist inventors, super-geniuses or billionaires. In fact, our students proved their creativity in the first run of the Integrated Multi-disciplinary Project (IMP) programme when they had a strong showing at Maker Faire 2017.

This time round, IMP 2.0 aims to top that. The second batch of students - 40 of them, from six different schools - went through a four-day Design Thinking & Ideation Boot camp early this month. With spanking new facilities at the Smart Learning Hub at our NYP library to inspire learning and collaborating, it was the perfect place for our students to rev up their innovation engine. 

Students tapping on each other's strengths to brainstorm ideas for their projects.


Students had to choose among three themes: Smart Homes, Smart Healthcare; Sustainable Living; and For Industry. They researched and brainstormed, created project proposals, and pitched these in a rapid-fire grand finale.

As part of the Boot camp, our students also visited the Singapore University of Technology and Design. There, they learnt about the process of micro-innovation - a concept of adapting or modifying existing inventions. We're keeping a look out for what they eventually prototype and create!