Comeback win
School of Engineering Published on 21 Sep 2017

Instead of being cowed when a miscommunication knocked them out in their initial round, our NYP team competing at the International Robot Contest grit their teeth and got down to work.


Remaining steadfast and determined, they clawed their way through the lower league with their robot, Gambit. Eventually in a nail-biting finale, they overcame the top team of the higher league become the overall winner in Korea last week.


Recalling the day’s dramatic events, SEG senior lecturer Kang Liat Hong explained that the four students from the Diploma of Mechatronics lost their first bout and was knocked out of the higher league – unfortunately there had been a change in the rules, but the team never heard about the change till it was too late.


The loss hit the boys hard at first. They had been preparing for weeks prior to the competition and it was devastating to know they had lost because of a communication issue. But their lecturer was there for them. He first ordered the boys to have lunch, to catch a breather and clear their heads.  With some firm encouragement, the team hunkered down to review the rules, re-strategise and re-re-programme their robot.


And what a comeback it was. The quick-thinking team outmanoeuvred every single other team in the lower league. Eventually, the team comprising Eddy Cheong, Hu Jinduan, Zhang Weitao, and led by Tay Chay Yong, rose high up enough to face off against the top team of the “winners” league.


In a fairy-tale finish, our NYP boys outwitted their fancied opponents and emerged overall champions!


Liat Hong says: “They came together, had respect for one another and focused on the goal.  They had a never-say-die attitude. I am so very proud of them.”