NYP Team Tops National Data Competition
School of Engineering Published on 06 Oct 2017

  A screenshot of how Team CEJM presented their data in a creative way through video. 


How many solar panels are needed to power up the whole of Singapore? Team CEJM, made up of four SEG students, figured it out! Using readily available government data, the quartet looked at the use of solar power in Singapore and its potential as a viable source of energy. They were inspired by their Engineering Math assignment about Solar Photovoltaic panels.

Their project came out tops at the first National Data Visualisation Video Challenge organised by GovTech. Beating more than 200 students from various institutions, the team also won the prize for the best use of data. The competition – which kicked off in February – attracted a total of 82 entries with only twelve teams being shortlisted for the finals held last Saturday.

The data visualisation challenge aimed to encourage the use of open government data to improve daily decision-making or enhance the quality of lives for loved ones. The teams then had to explain their project in an easy to understand manner, through the creative use of videos and data visualisation. Team CEJM also won the prize for best use of data.


Check out their video here.