Road to WorldSkills...
Published on 29 Sep 2017

Our Mechatronics duo at one of their technical training sessions.


The 11 NYP competitors headed for the international WorldSkills competition in Abu Dhabi this month shared their learning journeys with senior management earlier this week.

For Diploma in Visual Communication student Muhammad Zafhir, who'll be a participant in the Visual Merchandising category, family and friends are his main source of strength. He says: "There are times when I feel discouraged. But the training has taught me how to mentally overcome my doubts."

Likewise for Mechatronics duo, Eljer Chua and Clarence Lim - both Mechatronics Engineering graduates - have realised that the importance of staying calm. Instead of giving into feelings of panic, they will remind each other to focus on the task at hand.

Apart from their sharing, they also received sage advice from our top management: PCEO Jeanne Liew reminded the competitors to stay determined and hungry, take advantage of resources and facilities available, and most importantly, never give up.