Clinching the First Prize in French Student Idol 2018
School of Business Management Published on 07 Dec 2018

Our students, Dang Thanh Hien, Boey Wei Jun Clarence and Tahsh D. Khemlani from the School of Engineering and the School of Business won the First Prize at the French Student Idol 2018 Singing Competition. The competition was organised by the Association of French Language Teachers in Singapore on 7 Dec 2018.

There were a total of 14 entries from the various schools which included NYP, NP, NUS, NTU, TP; The team had impressed the audience and judges with their lively performance and beautiful interpretation of their self-composed song 'Cette Génération' (This Generation).

This event gave the students the opportunity to involve themselves in an out-of-classroom French activity. It also provided them the chance to interact with the French community, French teachers and students from other schools.