Abuzz with Activity
Published on 05 Jan 2018

A rousing gymnastic performance by our students wows the the crowd.


Jan 4 was Day 1 of NYP's Open House. Our Schools, as well as corporate departments such as Foundational General Studies and Student Development put up massive displays and had activities through the campus.

There was a steady stream of secondary school students, who were bussed in, visiting via our Guided Tours. They thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on activities that gave them a flavour of NYP's polytechnic life. 

Our nursing student, Jessica Teoh., sharing her NYP experience with a prospect.


Another hit with these prospects? The games situated outside T-junction showcasing student life and CCAs. They were also spotted transfixed by the student performances in the Atrium.

Tonight, look forward to our Night Open House, which goes up till 11 pm, and our Choices After 'O's Parents' Seminar. The Open House runs till 6 pm tomorrow.

The activity continues next week: The Joint Admissions Exercise centre will be up for prospects to come and visit, and many colleagues will be involved in a planned live webchat exercise starting next Friday.

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