Learning is Sow Fun
School of Interactive & Digital Media Published on 05 Jan 2018

SIDM students prepping their planting trays for some wheatgrass sowing.


Learning is never restricted to any specific discipline or confined to the classroom. Last year, in late December, as part of NYP's ISO14K Awareness programme to promote environment conservation, 27 SIDM students paid a visit to Singapore's largest wheatgrass producer -Kin Yan Agrotech Pte Ltd to find out more about how our food comes about and the conditions needed to grow them.

The students were given an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour where they found out about growing some of the greens and mushrooms they eat. Apart from touring the place, the students also planted their very own wheatgrass as well as tasted freshly-made wheatgrass, aloe vera, and cactus juice.