Going Places
School of Interactive & Digital Media Published on 06 Jul 2018

It was an intense brainstorming session among the students as they only had a few hours to produce something for the competition.


First, two Game Development & Technology students picked up two awards at the Jilin International Game Jam in Changchun, China. Their competition mission? To challenge the limits of their creativity by developing a game within 48 hours. Holding their own against 80 other students from top gaming institutes from China, Korea and Japan, our students won the Best Individual Ability and the Best Leadership Ability awards. 

Next, our winning students from the N.E.mation! competition had a fruitful learning trip in Japan. Earlier this year, Team NachoCheese emerged champions in the pilot Youth Crowdsource Category in the annual digital competition organised by the Ministry of Defence. Together with four Cedar Girls' students, who were also winners, they visited famous Japanese anime studios and met with renowned anime producers. To read more about their N.E.mation! win, click here.

Then, 18 SIDM students got up close and personal with the Thai arts and culture scene. They toured museums, galleries and professional studios and gained insights into the special areas of digital visual effects and animation. Accompanied by their Thai counterparts, our students learned about ZBrush modelling and the Thai way of doing animation from Rangsit University's instructors.