Going Nano
School of Chemical & Life Sciences Published on 23 Mar 2018

Diploma in Medicinal Chemistry final-year student, Nurul Azlyn presented her research project on nanohydrogels as an effective delivery mode for anti-bacterial medicine at PSRP award ceremony. 


Two groups of NYP students applied their knowledge on nano for their research projects to solve medical and technological challenges. The first project involved using nanohydrogels as an effective delivery mode for anti-bacteria medicine while the other one uses ultra-thin nanofilms to transmit data in a more efficient way.

The two projects were showcased at the Polytechnic Student Research Programme (PSRP) Awards Ceremony 2018 on Mar 21 at TFA. During the ceremony, a total of 10 outstanding research projects - two from each polytechnic - were conferred the Best Project Award, in recognition of the students' research efforts.

Launched in 1997, the PSRP aims to nurture students in R&D through immersion in a science and engineering research environment. Working in teams of up to six members, the students get the opportunity to execute their final-year projects under the guidance of experts at local universities and research institutes.