Imparting Design Knowledge
School of Design Published on 23 Mar 2018

It was their first time designing a lampshade but the end result was visually stunning.


It's the school holidays now but it was business as usual at SDN. Last week, the School organised - for the first time - a two-day Building Design Skills Workshop for Design & Technology students. More than 200 students from 15 secondary schools participated in the workshop where they designed and made lampshades with materials provided by us. Led by SDN student leaders, the secondary school students brainstormed ideas and earnestly worked on their creations. At the end, many were in awe of their luminous creations. For Ilhan Faiq, St Andrew's Secondary School student, the best part was when "I got to use the laser machine!" It was a successful first run with more to come in 2019.

Not just students but teachers, too, received some design lessons. Delivered by senior lecturer, Ransome Chua, the workshop on Using & Creating Infographics sought to help teachers create effective messages. The teachers - who were from the Humanities and Science departments from Sembawang Secondary School - learned how to analyse and make sense of the relationship between text and image. The end goal? To capture students' attention, to spark their curiosity and to transfer knowledge effectively. Ransome was a hit with the teachers with many praising him for his easy-going and approachable manner.