Welcoming the Design Freshies
School of Design Published on 04 May 2018

How do you welcome 270 freshies on their first day of school? SDN did it in style with their annual Design Primer! A primer is "a coat of paint that you put on a surface before the main paint goes on". So what does this mean for SDN freshmen? They get to experience life as a designer and gain insights into the world of design before they even start their lessons. 

Guest speakers - such as an architect, a service designer and a creative director - were invited to share their experiences with the students. The programme also allowed students to select from one out 18 design-related organisations to visit. These included Philips, Hewlett Packard, ONG&ONG, Shimano, Moove Media, National Galleries and the National Design Centre. After an exciting first three days of school, the year one SDN students were pumped up to start lessons with their new friends.