22 Apr 2019

SBM and Maybank Singapore Launch Customised Course

About 300 Maybank Singapore employees to benefit from new courses launched by SBM.

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19 Apr 2019

NYP Partnered Mitsubishi Electric Asia in Manpower Capabilities Development

The MOU between NYP and Mitsubishi Electric Asia will expose our students to advanced technologies.

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10 Apr 2019

Opening Pathways for Army Personnel

As part of the MOU between ALTI/CSSCOM and the IHLs, SBM will be providing progression pathways for eligible army personnel to further their studies.

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05 Apr 2019

SIDM’s Graduating Students Showcased Works at Fusion 19

330 works were showcased at Fusion 19 from 2 to 3 April 2019.

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03 Apr 2019

SIRS and Alibaba Offer ABS Programme

More than 300 Furniture Retailers are expected to benefit from the Alibaba Business School programme.

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01 Apr 2019

SEG Students Emerged Champion at SAFMC2019

Diploma in Aerospace Systems & Management Students clinched the Championship at the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2019.

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