Igniting the Entrepreneurial Spirit
School of Business Management Published on 02 Feb 2019

On 2nd February 2019, more than 570 students from the Entrepreneurship module participated in the School of Business Management (SBM) Entrepreneurship Day. This event is conducted as part of the students’ final evaluation of the module. The students are required to pitch their proposed business idea to an external judging panel.

This year, the event has one of the largest turnouts of support from the industry, with a total of 55 external judges, many of whom are practicing entrepreneurs, CEOs, Founders of start-ups and angel investors.

The SBM Entrepreneurship Day first started in 1995. It provides a platform to cultivate Innovation & Enterprising in our students amidst the many waves of transformation, the standards are being raised constantly as it adapts to the ever-changing business landscape