SDN Collaborates with Happy Walker
School of Design Published on 25 Feb 2019

The School of Design (SDN) collaborated with Happy Walker in launching an Ergonomics and Design Semantics module for our first-year students in the Diploma in Industrial Design programme. This company focuses in footcare and orthopaedic and diabetic shoes.

Apart from learning about the application of ergonomics in industrial design from Mr Teo Shu Tong, CEO of Happy Walker, the students had an opportunity to visit the Happy Walker’s factory .

The students were then tasked to propose new shoe design ideas for Happy Walker to appeal to a younger crowd. Applying what they have learn in their lessons, the students were challenged to develop shoe designs that are both ergonomic and attractive. This real-life application provides authentic learning experience for our students and give them the opportunity to learn from the experts.

A mini design competition was then held on 15 February 2019 where our students presented their proposed shoe designs for the youth market to a panel of judges. The winning student James Chen had designed a slip-on shoe with an infinity mapping technology that changes the colour of the soles as they thin out.