Nursing Student Won Good Neighbour Award
School of Health & Social Sciences Published on 21 Jun 2019

We’re so proud to share that our final year student from Diploma in Nursing, Nadzira Zailan, was honoured with the Good Neighbour Award. The award, jointly organised by the Housing Development Board and People’s Association, recognises residents who go the extra mile to care for their neighbours. Making it even sweeter, Nadzira was nominated by her fellow nursing classmate, M’hani Mohd Tahir.

As former colleagues at the Singapore General Hospital, the pair did not really know each other. It was when both were sponsored for the Diploma in Nursing course in NYP that they became close.

As neighbours and course-mates, it was natural for them to lean on each other. When M’hani’s father underwent emergency surgery, it threw her into a spin. Nadzira, seeing how worried her friend was, jumped in to help. It touched M’hani, who was juggling her roles as a student, wife, mother and daughter.