SDN Graduating Students Showcased Design Work at UNIT 19 – Infuse
School of Design Published on 09 Mar 2019

A total of 167 graduating students from the NYP School of Design showcased their design works at the annual graduation exhibition – UNIT 19: Infuse from 7 to 9 March 2019 at the National Library. Aptly themed “Infuse”, the exhibition showcases how our students inject creativity and innovation to improve real life situation around them.

Among the creative works by our graduating cohort, there were innovative projects done by Muhammad Nazly Rusali, Sofea Aini and Koh Ming Xiang. Read more on their projects below:

Balls – Muhammad Nazly Rusali, Diploma in Visual Communication

Few years ago, Nazly, spoke to his cousin, a nurse who shared about a patient who died of testicular cancer at 22. It was Nazly’s first time hearing of testicular cancer, and the story inspired him to create the “Balls” project.

When he first conducted research on testicular cancer, he found it alarming that men from ages 25 to 35 had not heard of this disease before and those who had heard of it were unsure of its causes.  With this project, he hopes to bring more awareness on the subject and educate young men on the causes.

Empowerment – Sofea Aini Bte Abdul Rahim, Diploma in Spatial Design

 To care for her five children, Sofea’s mum had to give up work. This motivated Sofea to create a space that empower women like her mum. After consulting with housewives and theirfamilies, Sofea conceptualised a space for women to work from home while managing household duties at the same time.  In this space, women can take on jobs that involve sewing, gardening and cooking.

Bindsole - Koh Ming Xiang, Diploma in Industrial Design

Determined to create a sandal that can help ankle sprain patients, Min Xiang created the adaptable footwear - Bindsole that can be worn both indoors and outdoors. Given its design, the footwear can be passed off as everyday wear - all while providing support to injured ankles. Currently, there is interest from a shoe company to commercialise Bindsole.