SIT Collaborates with Singhealth Polyclinics to Assist SHP Patients
School of Information Technology Published on 18 Mar 2019

Our School of Information Technology (SIT) collaborated with SingHealth Polyclinics (SHP) to launch two mobile apps -  MediEasy  and Appointment Buddy to assist SHP patients.

The MediEasy app can assist elderly patients with chronic illnesses, such as Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), to achieve their clinical goals and better manage the disease. This app is currently under trial.

The Appointment Buddy app is a one-stop shop to help patients keep track of their upcoming medical appointments and lab tests. It will integrate and improve the workflow at the polyclinics to help nurses better serve patients when they arrive.

These apps were showcased at the Family Medicine Academic Clinical Programme Research and Innovation (FAMARI) Day on 23 February 2019.