5G Powers Joint Industry Developments in New Centre
Published on 07 Jan 2020

It took 26 hours to download a video on 3G. On 4G, it takes six minutes. With 5G, it will take 3.6 seconds – or less than the time taken to read this line aloud. More than a connectivity upgrade, 5G is a catalyst for disruptive innovation on a massive scale. Workflows can become faster and real-time data can also be exchanged between thousands of Internet of Things machines in milliseconds. Its applications are endless.

To accelerate 5G innovation as well as to create a new cadre of super 5G talent, Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and StarHub have partnered to launch a new NYP-StarHub Application & Experience Centre for 5G (APEX 5G) Centre on 7 Jan 2020.

The NYP-StarHub APEX 5G Centre is an all-in-one facility for training talent, industry co-development, and testing new use cases. NYP and StarHub are also leveraging their extensive partner networks of industry players for deep knowledge sharing, ideation and experimentation.

But just how will our students benefit from this? NYP will work closely with StarHub and industry partners to identify the skillsets in demand for young talents to ride this 5G wave and incorporate them into the curriculum of selected courses. The Centre is expected to see over a hundred students annually, training in 5G and allied technologies and working on use cases spanning across industries.