Squid Game, Minus the Gore
School of Health & Social Sciences Published on 07 Oct 2021

School of Health and Social Sciences lecturer, Ms Shalini Asokan had an inspired idea: On 6 Oct, her students received a custom-made name card (you know the square, circle and triangle), similar to the one featured in the Squid Game series. Then, they had 50 minutes to complete four games, which required them to tap on their nursing knowledge.

She even arranged to have the iconic dalgona candy delivered to her students to test their fine motor skills - they had to pierce out the shape with a toothpick! Other ‘tests’ included matching 10 x-rays to the correct patient conditions, writing up a care plan for a patient in 20 minutes, and creating suitable activities for patients.

Needless to say, the students had a whale of a time learning through this innovative lesson.