NYP opens unmanned Cheers store equipped with AI system
School of Business Management Published on 19 Aug 2022

Need to buy some snacks at our Cheers store in Block A? With the new unmanned Artificial Intelligence (AI) convenience store, all you have to do is to pick your items and walk straight out of the store. The AI system is able to detect the items you have selected when you exit the store, and will bill you for it through your credit card or GrabPay account.

Says James Sim, SBM’s deputy manager: “With this new feature, our students get practical training on topics related to AI, data analytics, consumer behaviour and marketing strategy. The AI-enabled store is able to capture data that is traditionally not available in mainstream Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. Students will get opportunities to study such data.”

The store carries interesting items such as ice-cream sandwiches, salads and ready-to-eat meals.  

Students undergoing the Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP) at Cheers are working on the opening campaign for the store launch. They have designed a number of initiatives, including a mascot to introduce the concept of ‘AI’ to the NYP community and an interactive IG filter. The team is also working on content creation for social media, such as food hacks.

The unmanned AI part of the store is open 24/7.

Check out our TikTok video for more information (follow us if you haven’t already).