Chief executive of SkillsFuture Singapore visits our CET centres
Published on 26 Jan 2022

Mr Tan Kok Yam, newly appointed chief executive of SkillsFuture Singapore visited ACI and SIRS on 26 Jan. 

Mr Tan got to know how our training facilities and programmes equip our learners with industry-specific skills to enhance their employability. He was given a walk-through of the many kitchens at ACI: each housing state-of-the-art equipment and new technology that students learn to operate. He also got to observe an ongoing lesson in our pastry kitchen, where students were guided by an experienced chef. ACI is working to upskill the industry as technology has deeply transformed both the kitchen and the front of house. 

The tour at SIRS showcased how data analytics, digitalisation and the use of emerging social engagement trends, such as livestreaming, enhance the shopping experience. SIRS is working to help transform the local retail sector by enabling it to pivot and earn new business. SIRS also presented its initiatives to place jobseekers who have undergone training in matching roles in the retail industry.

The visit concluded with a lively discussion on how the pandemic had impacted the F&B and retail industries. It was noted that it had, in fact, resulted in the acceleration of digital adoption. COVID-19 has also meant expansion and changes in the job scopes of personnel in the industry. The general agreement was for the institutes to work even more closely with SkillsFuture Singapore to help transform the sectors.