SDM lecturer Aaron Lim bagged prize at a regional speed painting competition
School of Design & Media Published on 21 Jan 2022

Congratulations, Aaron Lim, lecturer from our School of Design & Media!  🥳👏

He bagged second place at a regional speed painting competition: Limits Asian Championship 2022.

Selected among thousands of entries as one of the eight finalists, Aaron competed in three 20-minute rounds where a theme was randomly generated on the spot. Competitors then had to come up with their own designs.

All artwork were scored by fans and a panel of judges in real-time based on various criteria: technique, performance and how imaginative the ideas were.

Aaron shared: “While speed painting was something I am comfortable doing, it was tricky under competition pressure, as I didn’t know the level of my opponents’ skills. I had to think fast and trust that my ideas were good enough to beat them. For the City+Magic theme, I started by painting a normal city with lights, but realised it probably didn’t have enough fantasy elements, so I lifted the city into the sky. I also wanted to add floating islands, but didn’t have the time to paint them. So, I designed a sci-fi mothership which carried the city around.”

Aaron graduated with the Diploma in Digital Media Design in 2001 from NYP, and is now teaching the Diploma in Digital Game Art & Design.

Together with the grand prize winner, he will be representing Singapore in the grand finals in Tokyo, Japan in May.

Ganbatte, Aaron!