SEG alumni start urban farm business
School of Engineering Published on 08 Mar 2022

It all started out as Jason Tan’s personal project growing microgreens. Encouraged by the positive feedback from friends on his produce, he got fellow alumnus, Rayson Tan on board and together, they turned this into a business opportunity: Greenloop Farms.   

While studying at our School of Engineering, they had taken various sustainability modules such as Green Design Practices & Technologies and Eco-Design & Sustainable System Development. These gave them a head start in designing eco-friendly processes and systems. 

They have been based at NYP’s new Sustainability Experience Centre which allows them to develop their business with minimal overhead costs. Jason recounts the help and guidance they received from their lecturers, even after the duo graduated: “Our lecturers Mr Peter Choong and Mr Albert Sng linked us up with the right people in NYP, as well as industry partners.”  

This eco-conscious pair from the Diploma in Electrical Engineering with Eco Design plans to implement a farm-to-fork concept, selling their produce directly to restaurants to shorten the supply chain and cut down food wastage.


Jason says: “We are moving into our new farm facility. When we expand our team, we hope to promote an inclusive workforce and hire from all walks of life, including those who may have some disabilities.”

The duo’s efforts were recently published in Lianhe Zaobao, in conjunction with Education Minister Chan Chun Sing’s speech on how Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) could play a role in better preparing Singaporeans for future jobs in the green economy. Mr Chan was speaking during the debate on his ministry's budget on 8 Mar.