By NYP ISO 14000 Committee Published on 31 Dec 2013

Eco-Fair Receives Thumbs Up from Staff & Students

Staff and students of NYP were treated to an awareness exhibition on Campus from June 4th to 6th highlighting eco-friendly projects and tips on how to be environmentally friendly. Called Greenadary 2013, the event also had some environmentally friendly products for sale.

Some highlights of the Exhibition included the “Liter of Light” project. This project, which utilizes a cleverly constructed recycled pet water bottle to bring light to slum dwellers without the need for electricity, was carried out in the Philippines in 2011. To see how it works, watch this. Other fun facts that were highlighted were the fact that using one ton less of paper would save 17 trees from being felled. 

In addition, companies such as The Body Shop, Human Nature and Etrican showcased their environmentally friendly toiletries, and clothes and bags made from organic cotton and recycled vinyl. There was even a booth, by Uncle Tony’s Garden, selling ‘Air plants’- small plants that require minimal watering and care, which attracted many curious onlookers and buyers.

At the end of the event, staff and students were glad to be more aware of the various environmental problems and their solutions.

Greenadary was organised by the Event Management and Roadshow (EMRS) under the SBM/Retail Studies section, and was supported by the National Environment Agency. 

Fashionable Recyclables a Big Hit on Nurses’ Day

Can trash be trendy? If you don’t think so, well, our School of Health Sciences students will prove you wrong. Hundreds of students who turned up to celebrate Nurses’ Day at NYP on 31 July 2013 cheered wildly   when our very own Health Sciences students walked  out in fashionable garb made out of, you guessed it, recyclable materials.

From trash bags to magazine strips, cardboard pieces to newspapers, the students came up with costumes that were creative and aesthetically pleasing. The annual fancy dress competition aims to promote the importance of environmental conservation as well as to allow students to put commonly disposed items to good use.

There was no doubt the event was a huge success, and we can’t wait to see the environmental fashion ideas that will be showcased next year!

Students Use Design to Deliver Meaningful Environmental Messages

Third-Year Diploma in Visual Communication student Sandra Tay wanted people to have a lasting memory of her work. Thus she created a three-dimensional poster entirely in cardboard, showing a crinkled cardboard tree filled with different forest animals. Her creation won her the first prize in a green poster design competition organised by the School of Design (SDN) in May 2013.

“As teenagers, we all know what is the right thing to do. We just need the impetus to act,” said Sandra. “I hope my design will give people something to remember.”

Her schoolmates, second year Industrial Design student Tey Chin Ting and second year Digital Media Design (animation) student Andrew Chen Zhiquan won the second and third prizes respectively.

The green poster design competition encourages participants to promote the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle). The competition attracted submissions from students throughout the school. Students exercised creativity in their designs, using interesting facts and figures, motifs, and metaphors to emphasize the need to save the earth.

For example, Chin Ting had hand-drawn a tree resembling a woman and touched it up using green, grey and blue watercolours. “The woman-tree represents mother-nature and shows us that global warming is progressing and we have little time to act on it,” she said. 

We were certainly impressed at the winners’ creativity and originality and would like to congratulate them for a job well done!  To see more pictures of the winning entries, please click here.

Promoting Recycling in our Heartlands

On a sunny mid-July Saturday afternoon, several NYP Geo Council student leaders gathered with 50 students from Hougang Secondary School to spread the message of recycling to the residents of Block 546 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10. The block was selected because of its lukewarm response to the Town Council’s recycling efforts.

The enthusiastic students set out to survey residents on their recycling habits, as well as educate them on the importance of recycling. Specially designed fridge magnets depicting the four recyclable materials of glass, metal, paper and plastic were also given out to each household. In addition, the students also collaborated to paint eight recycling-themed murals at the void deck of the block so as to reiterate the importance of recycling to residents.

The initiative was supported by the Town Council and the Citizens Consultative Committee of Jalan Kayu. The students had a great time on their rounds and definitely felt like they played a part to increase conservation efforts.

It was also great to hear that after all their efforts, this project has boosted the residents’ participation in the fortnightly recycling programme. Well done, students!

Eco-Workshops by NYPSA: Making Paper Spinners & Ketupats

In July 2013, the NYP Staff Association held two fun workshops where staff members were taught how to make toys such as paper spinners and decorative ketupats for the Hari Raya Season.

Staff members were also encouraged to bring recyclable materials such as magazine paper so as to minimise wastage and save the environment. Our colleagues had an enjoyable time at the hour-long lunchtime workshops, held on 10 and 18 July, crafting fun toys and decorative ketupats. And they got to save money at the same time!

Check out some photos of the creative and beautiful items our colleagues made!