By NYP ISO 14000 Committee Published on 31 Dec 2014

A Greener Study Environment

If you noticed that there are less students studying at the usual study spots around campus lately, it is because they have been hanging out at the newly built study gazebos situated in the north and south gardens. The gazebos were an initiative by Estates Management to provide a conducive outdoor shaded study and interaction space for students.

The innovative gazebos are built around existing trees to preserve them. The trees also serve to enhance the shelters aesthetically and provide additional shade. There are a total of 12 pavilions in the north and south gardens, and the phased project was completed in June 2014.

Apart from integrating the gazebos with the trees, other green features were also incorporated into the shelters. The seats and tables were enhanced with eco timber, and the gazebos have energy saving LED lights for night use.

 It’s a joy to see our students enjoying the new structures and filing up all the seats during term time.

Student Team holds Eco Friendly Fair

On the 31st of July, 1st, and 8th of August, our Event Management & Road Show (EMRS) team of students held their annual Green Fair in campus. The booth not only sold environmentally friendly products, but also encouraged consumers to recycle their plastic bottles and waste paper.

Visitors could donate these items to the booth and “adopt” a free second hand book in return. Some interesting items sold included stress relief serums, eco-friendly beauty products, biodegradable products, as well as miniaturised indoor plants.

The fair was well received and the EMRS team accumulated around $2,000 in sales revenue over the three days.

“This year, our activities revolved around the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle,” said senior lecturer Oi Yin Yong, who is in charge of the team. “We collected hundreds of recycled bottles, gave away 150 second hand books, and collected 150 thumb prints from people who have pledged to do their part to support the green drive.”

An Entertaining Eco-Themed Concert

On the afternoon of 16th July, Student Affairs Office held an eco-themed lunchtime concert at the NYP Atrium that featured many student talents and local artistes. The programme for that day comprised many eco-friendly agendas.

Local musicians Jack and Rai were in NYP on behalf of the National Environment Agency (NEA) to perform their music as well as to share information about NEA’s Eco Music competition, which has been created for aspiring songwriters to express their support for our environment through music.

We also saw our talented CCAs, such as Foreign Bodies, Taekwondo, Symphony Ochestra’s Percussion Ensemble, StageArts Drama, La Ballroom, Indian Cultural Group and SoundCard performing to upbeat tunes.  The StageArts performers even performed a short skit on preserving the environment.

There was also an exhibition of eco-friendly artwork by 30 of our students who took part in the Festival of Upcycled Arts programme, a joint collaboration between Kiehls, National Parks Board and NYP’s Geo Council. Awards were also given out to five winners with the best artworks, who each received a $200 gift certificate.

 Last but not least, there was also a Dengue public education exhibition at the Atrium. The exhibition was organised by NEA in support of the Stomp Out Dengue programme spearheaded by SEG student and Vice President of GEO Council Chen Yu Ning. The exhibition and programme aims to educate residents in the area about Dengue disease and how to prevent it.

A Game Changing Experience in Energy Planning

An engaging board game that simulates policy-making in the energy arena was what four Diploma in Electrical Engineering and Eco-Design (DEEE) students had to tackle when they faced off against Singapore Polytechnic and Ngee Ann Polytechnic in a “Changing the Game” Challenge organised by the Energy Market Authority (EMA). Held at Suntec City on 6 June 2014, the Challenge is open to Polytechnic, ITE and University students.  Our students managed to clinch two  of five awards in the Polytechnic category!

The game requires teams of four to assume the roles of an Industry, Citizen, Government or a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) in a specific Southeast Asian region, and work together to develop energy policies and a landscape that addresses three key considerations – Energy security, Economic Competitiveness and Environmental Sustainability.

“The game was really fun, and we learnt important life lessons like negotiating skills,” said Lin Shanshan, Best Industry (individual) award winner. “We had to go around to different teams, which represented different countries, and try to negotiate with them to sell and buy technologies or natural resources like gas and bio mass.”

Joey Chang Lek Yang, who won the Best Government (individual) award, also felt that he took home valuable lessons while playing the game.

“It’s not easy when it comes to planning things with four different points of view,” he said. “We focused on saving money for the Government and accumulated a lot of oil and gas, which is beneficial to industry. The game made us really think and process everything thoroughly.

Students Conceive Innovative Ideas to Combat the Haze

Emile Chiu, a first year Molecular Biology student, had never been selected to represent his secondary school in competitions. However, when he was given the opportunity to represent NYP in the Singapore International Science Enterprise Challenge 2014, he jumped at the chance. Emile not only enjoyed himself at the challenge, he also managed to win a 1st runner-up position with his team.

This year’s challenge was held on 31 May 2014 at the Science Centre, and called for an innovative personal or family product that would create clean air and protect users from air pollutants such as the haze. The annual competition required students aged 16 to 19 in Singapore to work in teams to produce a prototype and business plan within 24-hours. Each team consisted of students from different schools and nationalities. Emile is not the only student from NYP whose team won a place in the top four positions. Aster Ngiam from the Diploma in Biologics & Process Technology and her team emerged as champions in the challenge!

Aster and her team presented a prototype of a modified N95 mask that is connected to a small portable air purifier. 

Going Green on Nurses Day

On 6th August, the School of Health Sciences (SHS) celebrated both Nurses and National Day together. Amidst the festivities was a fashion competition using recycled materials. The competition is held annually by SHS and aims to promote the importance of environmental conservation through creativity and teamwork among students.

Over 20 students from diploma in Diagnostic Radiography, Dental Hygiene & Therapy, Social Sciences (Social Work) and Nursing worked in groups to create fashionable outfits. All the costumes carried a strong environmental message and were showcased on stage to loud cheers.

The students had fun creating the outfits and were also glad to help create awareness among students that items which are commonly disposed of can be recycled and put to good use.