GreenNYP2018 - Mar
By NYP ISO 14000 Committee Published on 20 Mar 2018

Lights Out! Earth Hour 2018

This Saturday (Mar 24), NYP is supporting the Earth Hour initiative by turning off all non-essential lights between 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

Each year, millions of people, businesses, and landmarks switch off their lights for an hour, to show solidarity in the commitment to environmental sustainability.

You too can do your part: Either switching off the lights at home for Earth Hour 2018, or join the big bash at the open area near The Float @ Marina Bay. Besides enjoying the entertainment from some of the biggest local acts, you can also watch the Singapore skyline dim during Earth Hour.

Don’t forget to post pictures and thoughts with #Connect2Earth. The event lasts all day from 11am - 10.30pm and admission is free.

Making Recycling Fun with PET Bottle Crushing Campaign

Students from NYP’s GEO Council CCA held a two-week long campaign in early December 2017 to encourage NYPians to recycle their recyclable items by using a manual crusher machine.

Working together with Fraser & Neave, which provided the crusher machine, the students positioned the machine prominently next to the Koufu foodcourt to attract traffic from the canteen crowd and other passers-by.

Volunteers encouraged students and staff to recycle their PET bottles and aluminium cans by using the machine. In order to entice people to use the machine, stickers were also given out as incentives.

By the end of the campaign, 3.9KG of crushed recyclable materials were collected by the student organisers.

The machine received positive feedback on how interactive it was compared to a typical recycling bin.

Digitisation of Lecture Notes

Come April 2018, there will no longer be any sale of hardcopy notes for students.

As 2018 is the year of Climate Action, organisations and individuals all over Singapore are reducing, reusing and recycling. With everyone's support and cooperation, we are confident that this initiative will be a step in the right direction for NYP's environmental sustainability efforts.

To reduce the amount of paper waste, all lecture notes will be available online on BlackBoard. Students will be able to download the notes they require and save it to their personal devices. This allows them to refer to their notes anytime and anywhere.


Green Seminar Inspires Participants

On Jan 17, NYP’s School of Engineering held an industry seminar titled "Leading the Innovative Way in Sustainability".

The seminar featured speakers Zac Toh from GWS Living Art and James Tan from the Singapore Green Building Council, who shared about their experiences, ideas, and expertise in sustainability.

The seminar attracted over 100 Engineering students and staff, and the talks by both speakers inspired the participants to find out more about the existing innovative engineering projects and ideas in sustainability, such as the development of green walls and roofs to cool buildings.


Sowing the Right Seeds

Last year, in late December, as part of NYP's ISO14K Awareness programme to promote environment conservation, 27 SIDM students paid a visit to Singapore's largest wheatgrass producer, Kin Yan Agrotech, to find out more about how our food comes about and the conditions needed to grow them.

The students were given an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour where they found out about growing some of the greens and mushrooms they eat. Apart from touring the place, the students also planted their very own wheatgrass as well as tasted freshly-made wheatgrass, aloe vera, and cactus juice.

It was an enjoyable and educational lesson for the students outside the classroom.