Nanyang Poly graduates demonstrate resilience and grit to graduate as top students
Published on 03 May 2019

Dear Media Friends,


During his school breaks, he worked 12-hour night shifts and spent three hours a day commuting to and from his part-time job. All so that he could help his family with their finances. Yet, Jun Wei more than excelled in NYP and will be representing the nation in the international WorldSkills competition in Kazan, Russia later this year.

He scored 84 points for his PSLE and often berated himself for being a slow learner. But in NYP, Min Xiang aced his design course and is graduating with stellar results. 

She was an avid video gamer who had to grow up quickly after losing her dad at an early age. Joy now channels her passion into creating games and is headed for a stellar career in the field.

Jun Wei, Min Xiang and Joy are shining examples of resilience, and how a nurturing environment which empowers learners can make a difference.

As they count among our top students, the trio will receive their diplomas from Guest-of-Honour, Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Trade and Industry on Friday, 3 May 2019.

We would like to invite you to the ceremony. We also welcome interest in our graduates

Details of the ceremony and write ups of the three, alongside our other top graduates are appended.

We look forward to seeing you!


Date: Friday, 3 May 2019

Time: 9am-11am (Media registration begins at 8.45am)

Venue: Nanyang Polytechnic, Block A, Campus Centre, Auditorium, 180 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, Singapore 569830

Guest-of-Honour: Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Trade and Industry




Distinguished Award Winners


Lee Kuan Yew Award – Shahreyll Bin Khairoullah

Diploma in Biologics & Process Technology

As a child, Shahreyll observed how his diabetic grandmother had to painstakingly manage her condition, so he’d harboured dreams of becoming a doctor to help patients like her.


His post-secondary education, however, took an unusual path – an Indonesian madrasah where his older brother was also enrolled. Upon his return to Singapore to serve his Full-time National Service, Shahreyll was initially disappointed to find out that his certifications did not qualify him for entry into medical school here. On appeal, he was admitted to NYP, where he found a new path.


He did extremely well in his course. He also did so well at his internship with international biotech firm Amgen that the MNC offered him a full-time job within five months. He now has a new vision of how to help patients: By developing and manufacturing new compounds and drugs.


Lee Kuan Yew Award – Manzel Joseph Seet

Diploma in Electrical Engineering with Eco-Design

With an impressive score of 4 points for his ‘O’ levels, Manzel Joseph Seet had a multitude of choices. He made a beeline for NYP Diploma in Electrical Engineering with Eco-Design. He saw the potential of a polytechnic education, with its hands-on learning to reinforce theoretical knowledge, and was impressed by the strong industry partnerships NYP has.


The once-reserved student also bloomed while in NYP, and he was active in the competition scene, and brought home multiple engineering medals.


The Lee Kuan Yew award recipient hopes to join embedded security industry in the near future. Manzel will be representing Singapore in the WorldSkills in Kazan, Russia this August.


Lee Kuan Yew Award – Lau Jun Wei

Diploma in Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology

During his school break, Jun Wei would work  12-hour shifts, from 9pm to 9am, and endure three-hour commutes daily so as to help with his family’s finances. As the only child, Jun Wei keenly felt the desire to help his parents. Despite that, Jun Wei more than aced his course.


He remembers how his parents would bring him to Changi Airport to view planes as a child and how that eventually shaped his passion for the field.


He helped and mentored his peers from the School of Engineering as they became the first poly students to build a fully functional aircraft; and soon, he will be representing Singapore in the aircraft maintenance category in the International WorldSkills competition in Kazan, Russia.


Lee Hsien Loong Award – Wong Shiqi, Joy

Diploma in Digital Game Art & Design

Shortly before her GCE ‘O’ Levels, Joy lost her father to lung cancer. To make sure she could support her mother, she enrolled into NYP’s Diploma in Digital Game Art & Design course. Having enjoyed video games since she was a child, it was the only Diploma she was keen on pursuing. At NYP, she made the most of the opportunities she got such as participating in WorldSkills. Today, Joy is graduating with a stellar GPA of 3.99 and looks set for a promising career in the field,


Tay Eng Soon Health Sciences Award – Chuah Qin Yi

Diploma in Nursing

After completing her ‘A’ Level examinations, Qin Yi  took up a job as a Clinic Assistant while reassessing her options.


There, she found herself fascinated by the healthcare industry but was also frustrated because she couldn’t do more to advise patients on their conditions, medications and contra-indications.


She decided to become a nurse. With her passion to help people, she excelled and today, she will be graduating as the Tay Eng Soon Health Sciences Award winner.


Tay Eng Soon Award (ITE Upgrader) – Tan Hong Meng

Diploma in Infocomm & Security

Hong Meng will be the first in his family to make it to University. But it hasn’t been the easiest path.  To supplement his family’s income, he worked at a fast food chain throughout his three years in NYP. He juggled between work and studies, staying up overnight just to study at times.


With hard work, he managed to maintain his stellar grades.  While at NYP, Hong Meng had the opportunity to live and work as an intern in Vietnam for six months, and counts it as a positive life-changing experience.


He applied the skills learnt at NYP to identify and fix security vulnerabilities. The internship experience affirmed his decision to pursue a career in cybersecurity.


DBS Award – Soh Yong Bin

Diploma in Accountancy & Finance

Scoring 8 points in the ‘O’ Levels, Yong Bin had many educational pathways open to him. Both his elder brother and sister who were students at NYP’s School of Information Technology shared their positive experiences and how their years in NYP were enriching and transformative. Yong Bin decided to follow suit and applied for the Diploma in Accountancy & Finance at NYP.


Like his siblings, Yong Bin had a fulfilling three years in the poly. Not only was he on the Director’s List for six consecutive semesters, he has also won many medals as part of the NYP’s Life Saving Club. True to his passion for Finance, he was also the Secretary and Treasurer of the Club. Today, Yong Bin will graduate from NYP as the DBS Award winner.  


HP Innovation Design – Koh Min Xiang

Diploma in Industrial Design

Min Xiang scored 84 points for his PSLE –  which he himself calls “dismal”. Today, he is graduating with an almost perfect GPA of 4.0 from NYP.


The turning point for this 24-year-old came when he started pursuing what he truly enjoyed – Art. Min Xiang has loved sketching since he was a child. When he was seven years old, his father enrolled him into art classes to further hone his talent. Over the years, whenever he struggled with the more academic subjects like Mathematics and Science, Min Xiang would turn to art for relief.


It also became the reason he chose to study Product Design – a course that included elements of sketching – at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE). Not surprisingly, he enjoyed the course thoroughly. So, he went on to pursue NYP's Diploma in Industrial Design. The course stretched his limits and taught him way more than just designing. He learnt about the crucial thinking process that needs to go behind each design – an important skill to master to succeed in the industry.


Ngee Ann Kongsi Award for All Round Achievement – Loong Yi Xin

Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work)

Growing up with a father who is a pastor and a mother who is a social worker, Loong Yi Xin always knew she wanted to do something meaningful as a career. As a young girl, she would tag along as her mother visited senior activity centres.


What used to be visits where she could snack on sweets became an enjoyable activity. She loved listening to the stories shared by the elderly. When offered the opportunity to apply for a spot in her desired Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) course at Secondary Four, she jumped on it.


She entered NYP via the direct polytechnic admissions (now called early admissions exercise) and her passion for social work has only grown. She hopes to further her studies in the field and one day own her own centre or organisation helping the less fortunate.