Qoo10 Singapore and Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) empower SMEs to go digital with a multi-faceted approach
Published on 11 Jul 2017

SINGAPORE, 11 July, 2017 - Giosis Pte. Ltd (Qoo10 Singapore) and NYP’s Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will see SMEs getting a digital boost to fully maximise opportunities in today’s online marketplace.


The Qoo10-SIRs programme will support local companies with the resources to achieve digital transformations and stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing technological spheres through a series of specially-curated training workshops. Aimed at equipping local SMEs with the knowledge to improve their e-commerce literacy and skills to grow their businesses online, the workshops will cover operational and marketing aspects of e-commerce. The programme will target both current merchants in Qoo10’s marketplace who intend to further boost productivity and ultimately increase sales figures, as well as local SMEs who want to jumpstart their online sales.


“Getting onto a digital marketplace can be a daunting experience for SMEs, especially for first-timers. Our partnership with Nanyang Polytechnic will enable both newcomers and existing merchants to maximise their operational and marketing capabilities, and they can do it on an already established platform with more than 2.5 million registered users,” said Mr Sam Too, Qoo10 Singapore General Manager.


Also as part of the MoU, students from NYP’s Schools of Business Management, Engineering, Digital & Interactive media, and IT may have the opportunities to do internship with Qoo10, currently Singapore’s biggest online marketplace with 2.5 million registered users and its merchants. The e-commerce platform has also expanded into the greater Asian region, including Korea, Japan and China. Qoo10 will also give NYP students opportunities to work on projects. 


Ms Jeanne Liew, Principal & CEO, Nanyang Polytechnic said: “Through strong relationships with prominent industry partners, like Qoo10, NYP students will be given the opportunity to spread their wings. NYP students from different disciplines will come together and develop creative solutions for the rapidly evolving retail industry. Students emerge with wider perspectives of how their skills can be applied, they will be able to offer a multidisciplinary perspective. These students will thrive in this rapidly-changing economy.”


Ms Megan Ong, Director, Singapore Institute of Retail Studies, Nanyang Polytechnic, said: NYP-SIRS’s professional trainers will help our SMEs understand and embrace digital opportunities. We will give them the skills and tools to get updated with the latest industry trends and remain competitive, and relevant for the future retail landscape.”


“As the leading e-commerce platform in Singapore, we want to play a bigger role in nurturing the smaller local businesses, while at the same time also contributing to the growth of Singapore’s overall retail sector. This MoU highlights the importance of public private partnership and we hope that it will set an example for other brands to follow suit,” added Mr Too.


This joint partnership is in line with the Singapore government’s initiatives to help SMEs flourish in the e-commerce sector through its SME Go Digital programme, which remains as  isone of the main focus in this year’s Budget announcement. The government is committed to helping SMEs overcome barriers to innovation, R&D and technology adoption. With the support from both public and private sectors, SMEs will be able to identify appropriate solutions and guide them on changing their business processes to take full advantage of technology.