Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Civil Defence Force and Nanyang Polytechnic Sign MOU on the Enhancement of Paramedic Professional Standards
Published on 18 May 2021

1.           Chief of Army Major-General Goh Si Hou from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Commissioner Eric Yap from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and Principal & Chief Executive Officer Ms Jeanne Liew from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the enhancement of paramedic professional standards earlier today. The MOU signing was conducted virtually in light of the COVID-19 situation.


2.           The MOU cements the collaborations by the three parties to continue developing paramedic training at the tertiary-level. With the signing, a new 12-month full-time Diploma (Conversion) in Paramedic Science (Dip PRM) and 1,200 hours On-The-Job Training Programme (OTP) between SAF and SCDF were introduced. The Dip PRM is intended for both the SAF and SCDF personnel, as well as members of the public who have at least a diploma qualification, to become qualified paramedics. With an integrated curriculum, the Dip PRM provides graduates with strong theoretical foundations and real-world experience essential for frontline paramedics dealing with increasingly complex pre-hospital health emergencies that require diagnosis and prioritisation of treatment for patients. 


3.           The OTP, led by the SCDF, is a key opportunity for participants to accrue valuable hands-on work experience to enhance their employability. The SAF will also lead an Emergency Medical Services Tactical Course during the OTP for participants to be exposed to war-time casualty management. Members of the public who graduate from the integrated programme may seek career opportunities with the SAF as SAF Military Medical Experts under the Military Domain Expert Scheme, with the SCDF as paramedics, with Private Ambulance Operators or as in-house paramedics in other high-risk industries.


4.           Chief Army Medical Officer Colonel (COL) (Dr) Lee Wei Ting from the SAF, Director Emergency Medical Services Department Assistant Commissioner (AC) Yong Meng Wah from SCDF and Director of NYP’s School of Health & Social Sciences Dr Bryan Chua signed the MOU. Underscoring the significance of the Dip PRM and OTP to the SAF, COL (Dr) Lee said, “This programme capitalises on the unique strength of the SAF, SCDF and NYP to create an integrated academic training programme. Besides enhancing the professionalism and career progression of our paramedics, this new training programme also serves to strengthen the SAF’s emergency medical support system and training safety. This training will further enhance our Military Medical Experts’ clinical competencies, bringing higher level of care to our casualties.”


5.           On the training of a new generation of paramedics, AC Yong from the SCDF said, “This collaboration has allowed us to bring our national pre-hospital emergency care to a level that meets or even surpasses most international standards for quality patient care. I am glad that we are levelling up the foundational knowledge and proficiency of the new generation of paramedics and further raising the overall standards of SCDF paramedics.” 


6.           Nanyang Polytechnic’s Dr Chua highlighted the importance of the collaboration and said, “As Singapore’s most established health and social sciences school, we are proud to be part of this collaboration to streamline and enhance the level of paramedic training locally. Lives are saved every day when quality pre-hospital care is rendered to those in need. With better training, and more people trained, more people can be helped.”


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