Outstanding All-Round Achiever Tops Nursing Cohort with Perfect 4.0 GPA Score
Published on 05 May 2023

Singapore, 05 May 2023 His parents initially had reservations over his choice of nursing, but today, Rajendran Rajesh will graduate at the top of the 1,450-strong cohort at Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Health & Social Sciences. Their ceremony was graced by Mdm Rahayu Mahzam, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Health & Ministry of Law.

The 1,450 students from the School of Health & Social Sciences are part of the larger 5,500 contingent who will graduate from NYP this year with their diplomas, specialist diplomas or advanced diplomas. Graduation ceremonies for the different schools, including the School of Applied Science, School of Business Management, School of Design & Media, School of Engineering, School of Health & Social Sciences and School of Information Technology, are being held from 02 to 09 May 2023.

Distinguished Award Winners

Eight graduates across different schools are being honoured with nine Distinguished Awards this year. These awards are bestowed upon exceptional graduates who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements, leadership qualities and contributions to the community throughout their stay at NYP. 

Rajendran Rajesh, who graduated with a Diploma in Nursing and a GPA of 4.0, is a double award winner. He received the Tay Eng Soon Health & Social Sciences Award for being at the top of his cohort at the School of Health & Social Sciences; and the Ngee Ann Kongsi Award for All-Round Achievement for being the most outstanding diploma graduate at Nanyang Polytechnic. 

Rajesh expressed gratitude towards NYP, acknowledging the institution's pivotal role in helping him achieve his aspirations. He said, “Growing up, I was ridiculed for the way I spoke, but at NYP, I found a supportive environment that enabled me to flourish. I became the Head of Training of the Current Affairs & Debating club, which boosted my confidence in public speaking. My positive experience inspires me to continue actively giving back to the community by tutoring children.” 

Another Distinguished Award winner, Val Siau Hai Xuan, started her academic journey in the Normal (Technical) stream before transferring to the Normal (Academic) stream in her secondary school days. Despite various obstacles, she persevered and successfully gained admission to the School of Engineering’s Diploma in Engineering with Business through the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP). With determination and grit, she realised her full potential and achieved a remarkable GPA of 3.94.

Val said, “NYP has been instrumental in my personal growth, empowering me to evolve into a better version of myself through the different co-curricular activities and leadership programmes that nurtured and allowed my best qualities to shine. NYP also recognised my potential and gave me the opportunities to grow holistically." Her journey at NYP has shaped her into a confident and accomplished individual, ready to take on future challenges with confidence.

Congratulating this year’s graduands, Mr Russell Chan, Principal and CEO of NYP, noted that they had to deal with an unprecedented COVID-19 situation and circuit breakers in their first year. “They have shown resilience through some of the most dramatic upheavals we have seen. The students have bounced back and have more than made their mark, successfully gaining their diplomas in the process. I know we are putting out skilled young people ready to take on and succeed at work and in life.”