Education & Career Guidance

Ever wondered where your diploma will take you in the future? Head down to ECG@Central for some career-related guidance or pick up resources to get some answers. At ECG@Central, you’ll learn about your options, explore employment opportunities and find out which are the skills you’ll need to make a successful transition to the workplace.

Guidance and counselling sessions include self-discovery, exploration and action planning. Our team of Education and Career Guidance (ECG) counsellors will support the current full-time students using the following approaches:

Career Counselling:
 Trained counsellors offer one-on-one or group counselling, using activities aimed at helping you develop a positive career outlook.

Career Resource: Get up-to-date career- and industry-related information from the relevant reading materials provided.

Career Preparation: Find resources to help you with job applications and interviews, or browse through sample job portfolios by former students.

Career Information: Find out about job and employment opportunities, including volunteer work or part-time jobs to enhance your holistic experience and portfolio.

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Career Advisory

In addition, a team of Career Advisors (CA) is also at hand to provide support or advice to our recent graduates or alumni (up to 3 years after your graduation or 1 year after ORD) on career planning and job search before you plunge into the workforce.

Career Advisory: In preparation for your job search and full-time employment, the CA will work with you to review your resume and conduct mock interviews.

Job Search & Application: The CA will journey with you to identify and apply suitable full-time jobs based your personality, interest and diploma course.

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