ECG@Central is a career counselling and resource centre located in NYP that is committed to assisting students with making connections between their academic experiences and career paths. The centre provides career-related guidance/coaching, resources, and programmes to help students clarify academic and career goals, further explore job & employment opportunities, and develop the necessary skills to transit to the workplace successfully.

As part of the guidance and counselling process, it is important to establish a good understanding of students’ needs, aspirations, interest, and personality. As such, the centre adopts a 3-stage approach to assisting students:

  • Self-Discovery
  • Exploration
  • Action Planning

The centre is thus set up with the following activity clusters in order to support the 3-stage approach:

Career Counselling – trained counsellors will offer one-on-one or group counselling, supported by profiling instruments and resources together with activities aimed at developing positive career self-concept in students.

Career Resource
– providing career and industry related information to keep students up to date on employability and labour market information. Reading materials and references made available will also include topics related to national agenda and economy.

Career Preparation – wherein resources are at hand to help students in job application and interview. Samples of portfolio by students from different sectors and schools will also be showcased at the centre. 

Career Information – information on job and employment opportunities, including volunteer work and casual jobs, will be provided to students to enhance their portfolio and holistic experiences.


Upcoming Events and Calendar of Events:

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