Mohan Belani - Co-Founder of

Mohan Belani (Diploma in Electrical, Electronics & Communication - Class of 2003). is a media company which offers an on-line community platform that connects people and reports news and trends relevant to technology start-up communities in Asia. e27 also organises the A series of Echelon conferences annually across Asia, which brings together the various parties involved in the Asia technology eco-system - Financial and Government institutions, Investors, Founders, Corporations, Media and Experts from diverse backgrounds.


Vignesh, Raniel & Daryl - Co-Founders of Jobook

Jobook is a platform capable of helping to find the most compatible fit for both employers and jobseekers. Co-founded by Vignesh Manu (Diploma in Business & Accountancy - Class of 2013), Raniel Lee (Diploma in Business Informatics - Class of 2013) and Daryl Sim (Diploma in Business Enterprise IT - Class of 2013), Jobook aims to remove redundancies that occur during the recruitment process. Employers can link their HR systems with Jobook Mobile through customised API modules to manage Job listings, Resumes, Staff Information, Payroll, Attendance, and schedule interviews.


Sean Tan - CEO of The GoodWater Company

Sean Tan (Diploma in IT - Class of 1998 & Advanced Diploma in Strategic Marketing Management - Class of 2002) started-up The GoodWater Company, which is a for-profit social enterprise. Its key function is to serve as a solutions integrator focusing on social and environmental services and innovations.

The GoodWater Company provides:

  1. Water, solar, communication and wellness related solutions;
  2. Programs to address rural community needs;
  3. Environmental sustainability efforts;
  4.  Leisure travel with humanitarian focus; and
  5. Customised Corporate Social/Sustainable Responsibility activities to meet individual/corporate needs. 

Enzo Tan - Founder of Wonderworks

Wonderworks is founded by Enzo Tan (Diploma in Mechatronics - Class of 2000). It is an enrichment centre that aims to nurture its students to be aspiring and successful inventors and entrepreneurs. Students are equipped with essential skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Some of the workshops conducted by Wonderswork includes a Lego Robotics program, where participants use a computer to program the robotics to perform various projects.


Justin Ng - Co-Founder of Gettai Games

Gettai Games is a Singapore-based game studio, where developers come together to create novel and quality interactive experiences. Co-founded by Justin Ng, Bryan Teo and Chen Wei Ren (Diploma in Digital & Interactive Media - Class of 2009), Gettai Games won the Best Gameplay and Viewer's Choice awards for their game -Stifled - at Unite 2016 Singapore.