NYP Leadership Development Programme: Capstone Programme (powered by Youth Corps Singapore)

Initiated in 2012, the Capstone Programme is NYP’s Leadership Development Programme for scholars which seeks to provide them with a strong foundation to pursue their goals and to develop their potential beyond their academic excellence. 

Commenced in September 2016,  NYP scholars participated in Youth Corps Singapore’s Youth Leaders Programme as part of their leadership development.

The programme focuses on developing leadership and people skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as empowering students to lead, advocate and take action on community issues. 

Programme Highlights

Residential Camp (Youth Leaders Programme)

Commence your development with a widening of your social circle. Build strong bonds with peers from various NYP schools and hone your leadership skills in this intensive but fun-filled camp!


Training workshops (Youth Leaders Programme)

Learn to design and manage projects, and identify resources and partners – skills that will help you directly with your community action projects, and indirectly with your school projects!


Community Action Projects (Youth Leaders Programme)

Discover the satisfaction of serving the community! Draw on the support of your team mates and work together towards planning service projects that can benefit the community.


Selected students can pass on your experience and knowledge of your learning to juniors of this programme.



A leader is one who is well versed in community and global affairs. Learn more through dialogues and expose yourself to different community and societal perspectives and views!


Learning Journeys

We believe in student-initiated learning, and you can organise learning journeys for the Capstone community with advice from your staff advisor.


All NYP scholars will participate in the programme. Entry into the Capstone Programme is also by invitation, based on outstanding academic performance and recommendation from teachers.