NYP Leadership Development Programme: Capstone Programme

Launched in 2012, the Capstone Programme focuses on developing your leadership, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as empowering you to advocate and take the lead on community issues. 

Programme Highlights


Capstone Service Hours



This part of the programme is designed for those who may be less experienced in community service.  Through a self-directed community service experience, you will gain confidence and identify the community cause(s) that you feel strongly for.



Capstone Training Camp and Workshop

Widen your social circle and build strong bonds with peers from other NYP schools as you build your leadership skills in this intensive but fun camp. The camp will also broaden your perspective on social issues faced by Singapore communities. You will get to hone your project management and resource management skills to design and manage community projects.


Community Action Projects

There is really no better feeling than when you help others. Through the community action project, you will gain great sense of satisfaction when your actions positively impact the community. 


Ready to take someone under your wing? Be a mentor and you can pass on your experience and knowledge to juniors after you have completed the programme.



Gain insights into various topics through dialogue sessions with different communities.  


Learning Journeys

We are all about student-led learning. Organise your own learning journeys for the Capstone community with guidance from our staff mentor.


All NYP scholars will participate in the programme. Entry into the Capstone Programme is also by invitation, based on outstanding academic performance and recommendation from teachers.