Foundation for Organisation Excellence

NYP’s Organisational Excellence Framework depicts how MVV are aligned and integrated with other elements: strategies, organisational effectiveness enablers, values and the NYP++ Foundation for Organisational Excellence.

The NYP++ Foundation for Organisational Excellence with its four elements of Culture, Concept, Capability and Connection serves as our strategic foundation for organisational excellence. Senior Management and staff together are actively involved in:

  • Shaping the culture in line with our core values of “Can-do” Spirit, Innovation & Enterprise, Borderless Teamwork, Development Orientation, Nurturing & Caring;
  • Leveraging on concepts like the Teaching Factory®, among others, to bring the real world environment into the Polytechnic;
  • Enhancing and expanding staff capability at individual, functional and organisational level, enabling us to take on complex projects that require multi-disciplinary inputs;
  • Forging strategic alliances and connections with industry leaders so that staff capabilities and market value are constantly enhanced and our curricula kept relevant to industry.

Strategic goals and initiatives are formulated based on this foundation. The strategy development and implementation process is guided by our five values (“Can-do” Spirit, Innovation & Enterprise, Borderless Teamwork, Development Orientation and Nurturing & Caring) and supported by five organisational effectiveness enablers (pertaining to Leadership, Planning, Information, People and Processes). The outcome is to fulfil our mission in the four areas of Pre-Employment Training, Continuing Education & Training, Innovation & Enterprise and Internationalisation, with the ultimate objective of realising the NYP vision.