Direct Admissions Exercise (DAE)

AY 2019/20 (3-Year Full-time Diploma Course)

Course Commencement Date : 15 Apr 2019.

GCE 'A' Level Qualification Holders

Students with Singapore Cambridge GCE 'A' Level results using GCE 'O' Level results may apply for admissions to all Full-time Diploma courses.

Application period :
   10 Jan 2019 - 26 Mar 2019

How do I apply :
Apply via the online appliction system during the application period.

Notification of Outcome

Your application outcome will be released by April 2019.

Only successful applicants will be notified of your application outcome via SMS and Email. If you are an ex-poly student, you may receive your application outcome up to a week before start of term as your application is subject to available vacancies.

Click HERE to check your application status.


Application Procedure

Submission of Application
  1. Your application must be submitted via the online application system during the application period stipulated above. Application submitted via other modes such as email, fax and letters will not be processed.
  2. Upon submitting the online application, a Verification Slip (VS) will be generated. Kindly print and submit it together with the supporting documents to the address stated on the VS (By mail or by hand). If you need to re-print the verification slip after submitting an application, please click HERE.
  3. For applicants residing in Singapore, please send us your VS within 3 working days from the date of application. For applicants residing overseas, please send us your VS within 7 working days from the date of application.
  4. If you have already submitted an online application, you may click on the online application link above to re-print your VS or enquire your application status.