Upon completion of your enrolment, you may proceed with the following, where applicable. Thank you for enrolling with us.

Actions After Enrolment

Transitlink Student Concession Card

You are encouraged to apply for the transport concession card which entitles you to enjoy student rate.  Below are the steps which guide you in your application.

Step 1 :  Check whether your record submitted to Transitlink by NYP Admissions Office is ready for you to apply at Transitlink website from 1 April 2018. Your record and photo will only be submitted to Transitlink after you are successfully enrolled into NYP and have uploaded your photo via NYP Photo Submission System (which is also available in the Online Enrolment System).

Step 2 :
Apply either online at Transitlink website or personally at any Transitlink Ticket Office if your record is ready.

Step 3 : 
 NYP Admissions Office will inform you via email (personal and NYP email addresses) when your Transitlink Concession Card is ready for collection at NYP i@Central, Blk A, Level 1, opposite Auditorium.


Cost of Card Application

A fee of $8.10 (non-refundable) is payable upon the application of Diploma Student Concession card :

- $5 Card Cost

- $3.10 Personalisation fee


Do note that you will have to top-up a minimum $10 travel value to activate the card.

(PFP graduates progressed to full-time diploma courses in AY2018 need not re-apply for transport concession card as their current concession card applied in previous year can continue to be used.) 

Medical Checkup

All students need to declare their medical conditions at the Online Enrolment System.

It is compulsory for students admitted to only those courses mentioned below to undergo Medical Examination at the specified clinics. This includes those required to do the 1-year Polytechnic Foundation Programme in AY2018/19 before progressing to the full-time diiploma courses in AY2019/20.

  • Medical Checkup for Nursing and Oral Health Therapy students
    Click here to download the Health Science Medical Form.

    Oral Health Therapy students will be informed when to take the Manual Dexterity Test conducted by your School.

  • Colour Vision Test
    Click here to download the Colour Vision Test Report.  Applicable only to students admitted to the following courses :

    Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology
    Aerospace Systems & Management
    Aerospace / Electrical / Electronics Programme
    Aerospace / Mechatronics Programme
    Common Engineering Programme
    Electrical Engineering with Eco-Design
    Electronic Systems
    Robotics & Mechatronics
    Biomedical Engineering
    Nanotechnology & Materials Science
    Digital Game Art & Design
    Interaction Design
    Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design
    Industrial Design
    Spatial Design
    Visual Communication

  • ICA Medical Report Form
     It is compulsory for International Students to take Medical Examinations required by Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) for Student’s Pass Application.
    Click here for the ICA Medical Report Form (completed form after the medical examination to be submitted to ICA during the completion of formalities session).
    Click here for Medical Centres and pricing for international students. 


School's Orientation and NYP Student Card Collection

  • NYP Student Card will be issued during your School's Orientation in early April 2018. The card is compulsory for attendance taking, accessing facilities, book loan and during examination. Click here for the School's Orientation Dates and Programme.

  • Students are strongly advised to upload their photographs as early as possible and before the enrolment deadline stated in the offer letter so that their student cards will be ready for collection during Orientation.

  • Students will need to collect their cards from their Personal Mentor when term starts if their posting result is only released in April or their cards are not ready for collection during the Orientation due to late submission of enrolment or photos.


National Service (NS)

  • For Male Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanet Resident (PR) who meet the following criteria, please click HERE for information on NS Deferment and Course Deferment due to NS :
    19 years as at 1 January of course commencement year (Sec 4 Express Stream Students) or ;
    20 years as at 1 January of course commencement year (Sec 5 Normal Stream Students) or ;
    21 years as at 1 January of course commencement year (ITE Students)


  • For full-time NS or NS Regular Service persons, if you wish to pursue your studies in NYP, you need to apply for NS disruption from your unit.
    Upon receiving CMPB’s approval for NS disruption, please submit your course acceptance under the Online Enrolment System if you have not done so and also submit a copy of the CMPB disruption approval letter to i@Central, Blk A Level 1 by mail or hand for us to process your enrolment.


  • For those who are exempted from NS,  if you wish to pursue your studies in NYP, you need to submit a copy of the CMPB exemption letter to NYP i@Central, Blk A, Level 1 by mail or in-person 


Student Pass Application

All International Students including Dependent's Pass Holder are required to apply for a Student Pass through ICA's SOLAR system after you are successfully enrolled via the NYP's Online Enrolment System.

Click here for the application procedures. 

MOE Tuition Grant (TG) Briefing, Application & Agreement Signing           

  • This is only applicable to Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) or International Student (IS) applying for MOE Tuition Grant.
  • It is compulsory to attend the TG Briefing, submit MOE TG online application and attend the TG Agreement Signing Session.
  • Click here for the schedule and full details at the TG section of the Financial Matters website. 


Notebook Ownership Scheme

  • Click here for details on notebook ownership scheme and roadshow.


Co-curricular Activities (CCA)

  • Click here to update your past CCA participations and indicate your interest in NYP's CCA. The PIN for login is your latest enrolment or student portal password. The information provided will enable Student Development to work with you on building a holistic student life.


Student Portal

If you are successfully enrolled, you may access 'myNYP Portal' for a host of e-Services (eg. Timetable, Change Particulars, etc) with the PIN (password) that you last used at the Online Enrolment System.  If you forgot that password, you may request for a new one via the 'Forgot your Password' function at 'myNYP Portal' login screen.