Here are some matters that you should take note before your course starts in April/October:

Date Activity
3 days after official enrolment

Student Portal and NYP Email

Access myNYP Portal for all the eServices available to you. Check out the Student Portal quick guide and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) setup guide.

Need help on how to set up and access your NYP email account? Check out the email guide.



You will receive an SMS within 3 working days to confirm that you have been officially enrolled after you have completed online enrolment.  If you do not receive the SMS, you may email to enquire about your enrolment status. 

When you are officially enrolled into NYP,

  • your NYP email account <admin number> (e.g. will be automatically created by the next working day. 
  • the password for myNYP Portal or NYP email account is the same password that you have used to accept your course offer in the NYP Online Enrolment System.

Before course starts

Notebook Purchase

You will need a laptop before semester starts. Check out Notebook Ownership.

There is also Financial Assistance for Notebook Purchases.


Financial Assistance / Financing Schemes / GIRO Application

Find out more on various financing schemes, fee payment and GIRO applicaton in Financial Matters.

Check out details on how to apply for bursaries.


Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

Check out the various Student Clubs and Interest Groups in NYP.

From mid March / mid September

Apply for Transitlink Student Concession Card

Follow the guide to apply for your student concession card with TransitLink.


[International Students only] 

Student's Pass Application and Singapore Public Health and Entry Requirements 

Check the student's pass application guide for more information.

First 2 weeks of April / From start of course in October

[Students starting course in April]

Freshman Orientation / Student Card Collection

Check out the Freshie Microsite in end March for more details. Do set up your NYP email account to receive updates and registration information.

Student cards will be issued during Freshman Orientation. 


[Students starting course in October]

Student Card Collection / Orientation

Your School/Personal Mentor will make arrangement for you to collect your student card and provide you with information you need to know at the start of the term.

After course starts

[Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) and International Students]

MOE Tuition Grant (TG) Application

For details on TG Briefing, Application Process and MOE TG Agreement Signing (attendance is compulsory), refer to Financial Matters > MOE Tuition Grant Scheme.