Step 3: [For Selected Courses Only] Go for Colour Vision Test / Health Sciences Medical Examination

  1. Please read and follow the instructions in the Colour Vision Test Report / Medical Report.
  2. You may visit any clinic near you in Singapore. For colour vision test, you may also visit a registered optometrist at any Singapore optical shop.
  3. Please upload your completed report and other medical documents, if any, via the NYP Document Submission System as soon as they are available (which may exceed your enrolment deadline).


Health Sciences Medical Examination

Students who are enrolled in the following courses need to submit the Medical Report1:

  • Nursing
  • Oral Health Therapy

1Students who are enrolled in 2.5 years Diploma in Nursing are to complete the medical examination in September before start of course.

Colour Vision Test Report

Students who are enrolled in the following courses need to submit the Colour Vision Test Report:

  • Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology
  • Aerospace Systems & Management
  • Animation, Games & Visual Effects
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Common Design & Media Programme
  • Common Engineering Programme
  • Communication & Motion Design
  • Electronic & Computer Engineering
  • Experiential Product & Interior Design
  • Infocomm & Media Engineering
  • Nanotechnology & Materials Science
  • Robotics & Mechatronics


Check out After Enrolment regarding some matters that you should take note before your course starts in April/October.