Transitlink Student Concession Card

Apply for TransitLink Student Concession Card

The TransitLink Student Concession Card entitles you to enjoy student rate when you travel on public transport.  Below are the steps which guide you in your application.

Step  1

Your record and photo will only be submitted to TransitLink by NYP in batches after you are successfully enrolled into NYP and have uploaded your photo via NYP Photo Submission System.

Visit the Web Enquiry for Tertiary Student Concession Card to check if your record has been successfully submitted to TransitLink before you can apply for your Student Concession Card for travelling.

Step  2

Once you confirmed that your record has been submitted, you may apply for your Student Concession Card online at at TransitLink website  or via EZ-link mobile app.

Step  3

You will receive an SMS regarding card collection details when your Student Concession Card (issued by TransitLink) is ready for collection. Please only proceed to collect your card upon receipt of the SMS.

Cost of Card Application

A fee of $8.10 (non-refundable) is payable upon the application of Diploma Student Concession Card :

- $5 Card Cost

- $3.10 Personalisation fee

A minimum top-up of $10 travel value is required to activate the card.

Poly Foundation Programme (PFP) graduates who subsequently progressed to full-time diploma courses need not re-apply for the TransitLink Concession Card if they have already applied earlier.