Other Qualifications

The entry requirements are found below.  For application submission, click here

Applicants who meet the minimum entry requirement (MER) listed under the Country Requirement are eligible to apply for a course of study at NYP.


Please note that:

  1. Returning Singaporeans and Singapore PRs are required to complete at least Year 10 of High School, with Year 10 school exam results meeting the minimum entry requirement (MER) listed in the country requirement below.
  2. International applicants are required to have completed Year 12 of High School and/or have obtained a high school diploma.
  1. Applicants, if shortlisted, will be required to sit for an Admissions Test conducted in Singapore. Only applicants offering the following qualifications are not required to sit for the Admissions Test:
    - Brunei’s General Certificate of Education - Ordinary Levels
    - International Baccalaureate Diploma
    - IGCSE
    - Malaysia SPM/UEC

    * Overseas candidates must make their own travel arrangements to and from Singapore if they wish to sit for the Admissions Test.

  2. If you are applying for arts, media and design courses, you are required to prepare a portfolio for assessment if you are being shortlisted. For details, click HERE.
  3. Meeting the minimum entry requirement (MER) is not a guarantee that an applicant will be shortlisted. Shortlisting is based on merit and on course availability in the year of application.
  4. Qualifications printed in a language other than English, must be accompanied by a certified English translated copy.
  5. Applicants offering international qualifications are to submit their IELTS test scores to support their application. Applicants must meet a minimum of 6.0 overall.
  6. The following qualifications are exempted from submitting IELTS test scores:
    - High School Diplomas from USA/UK/Australia/New Zealand/Canada/Philippines
    - Brunei’s General Certificate of Education - Ordinary Levels

  7. The polytechnic reserves the right to amend the information provided without prior notice.