Entry Requirements

Besides academic performance, your admission will also be based on your interests, aptitude and portfolio of work. Once shortlisted, you will be invited for a face-to-face interview. You can apply under the Special Direct Admissions Exercise (SDAE) if you are:

  • A GCE 'O' Level certificate holder
  • An IP Year 4 student
  • Higher NITEC / NITEC holder with GCE 'O'/'N' Level qualifications

Here are the courses offered under the SDAE, as well as their specific requirements:

GCE 'O' level holders or IP Year 4 or Higher NITEC / NITEC holders

GCE 'O' level holders , IP Year 4 or Higher NITEC / NITEC holders with GCE 'O'/'N' level qualifications may apply under Special Direct Admissions Exercise (SDAE).

The following courses are offered under SDAE. 
Click to view the course specific requirements for each course:

Course Specific Requirements

Animation & Visual Effects

Industrial Design

Digital Game Art & Design

Spatial Design

Game Development & Technology


Interaction Design

Visual Communication

Motion Graphics Design

Sport & Wellness Management

Mass Media Management


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