Academic Year 2021/2022

The following are annual fees for newly enrolled students admitted in Academic Year 2021/2022:

The fees are billed under a cohort-based fee structure, which means that student’s fees will remain constant for the entire duration of their course.


Subsidised Students


Singapore Citizens (SC)

Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR)

International Students (IS)
(With GST, S$)

Subsidised Tuition Fee (TF)




Supplementary Fees & Applicable GST *




Fees Payable for the Academic Year




* Correct as of 23 Feb 2021. Subject to further changes.



  1. The fees stated above are for your reference only.
  2. Tuition Fees for Singaporean Citizens (SC) and Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR) are before GST. The Government continues to absorb the GST chargeable on tuition fees payable by SC and SPR students. Tuition Fees for International Students (IS) are inclusive of GST.
  3. Fees are billed on a semestral basis. For fee details and actual amount payable, students can view their online e-Bill at NYP Student Portal upon receiving the SMS notification that e-Bill is available.
  4. Subsidised students are those who are eligible and accepting the MOE Tuition Grant. For details on the scheme, please refer to MOE TG website

National Servicemen

Tuition fee for Reserved National Servicemen will be based on the year of offer.

Fees Payment 

How much and when to pay?

View your e-Bill via myNYP portal on the actual fees payable after semester starts. Pay by the due date stated on your e-Bill.

Click here for more information on fees payable.


How to pay?

  • Payment by Interbank GIRO only.
  • Application for any Financing Scheme(s) namely, Mendaki Tertiary Fee Subsidy, CPF Education Loan Scheme and Tuition Fee Loan Scheme cover only Tuition Fees and DOES NOT cover the Supplementary Fees. The Supplementary Fees have to be paid via GIRO.
  • For PSEA (covers Tuition Fee and Supplementary Fees) applicants, fees will be paid via GIRO if there is insufficient fund in the PSEA.


Other Payment Methods: If your GIRO application is not approved yet:

1. Internet Banking (UOB)

  • Applicable for UOB account holder with internet banking facility.
  • Login to UOB Internet Banking
  • Quote your Admission Number and Bill Number or NRIC Number as payment reference.


2. SGQR PayNow


3. eNETS Debit

  • Applicable for DBS Bank/POSB, UOB, OCBC or Citibank account holder with internet banking facility.
  • Login via myNYP portal.


4. AXS Stations/Internet/Mobile App

    a) AXS Stations - At AXS Station, select Education Note

    b) AXS Internet - Login to AXS Internet, select "Pay online now" -> eServices Note

    c) AXS Mobile App - Download AXS Payment App, select eServices Note

Note: For full-time diploma or Poly Foundation Programme students, continue to select : NYP -> Full-Time Diploma/Polytechnic Foundation Programme


5. NETS at i@Central


Note : Cash payment will not be accepted.