What is the SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programme?

  • The SGUS Programme is designed in partnership with the industry to help learners acquire industry-relevant skills and knowledge, and improve their employability.
  • Learners will have opportunities to apply the skills learnt through workplace immersions and industry projects, and boost their employability for future job opportunities with real-world experiences.
  • Courses are conducted on a full-time basis ranging from six to 12 months, and their modular format gives learners the flexibility to exit the programme once they have found a job.
  • See also the FAQ for more information.

Who can apply?

  • Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents (PR) aged 21 and above and they MUST NOT have:
    -  Graduated or graduating in Calendar Year (CY) 2019 / 2020 from ITE, Polytechnics, Universities, and other educational institutions.
        This includes graduates from private universities as well as overseas institutions;
    -  Graduated from the educational institutions mentioned above and completed or completing their National Service (NS) in CY 2019 / 2020 and
        are entering the labour force.  
  • Individuals who are able to commit to the training programme on a full-time basis and are active job-seekers who will benefit from the skills training.

What are the SGUS benefits?

For Learners

  • SGUS learners will receive a monthly* training allowance of $1,200 for the duration of training.
  • Programmes are highly subsidised: The nett course fee can be offset by SkillsFuture Credit including the top-ups announced in 2020 Unity Budget.
  • In addition to hands-on training through industry projects or attachments, they also get to receive career advisory and employment assistance.

* Conditions apply, see FAQ

For Employers

  • Employers who hire local* workers through eligible reskilling programmes will receive enhanced hiring incentives:

- Employers who hire a local* worker aged 40 and above can receive salary support of 40% for six months, capped at $12,000 in total.

- Those who hire a local* worker aged below 40 can receive salary support of 20% for six months, capped at $6,000 in total.

  • There is no financial outlay for the employer as learners are self-sponsored and SkillsFuture SG pays the monthly allowance.
  • Employers can use this opportunity to assess learners’ performance deciding to hire them.
  • These programmes allow employers to hire staff who would have gone through a rigorous training programme with certifiable skills sets.

* Singapore Citizens/PR

Thank you for your interest in our SGUS Programmes. We have already closed the online course application for all our final intakes of SGUS Programmes.

Kindly refer to our course list on other lifelong learning courses.

List of courses

Advanced Manufacturing

  • SGUS Programme in Electronic Systems Development
  • SGUS Programme in Precision Engineering
  • SGUS Programme in Precision Engineering (Additive Manufacturing)
  • SGUS Programme in Robotics & Automation Systems Design
  • SGUS Programme in Converged Infocomm Infrastructure

Manufacturing (Biopharmaceutical)

  • SGUS Programme in Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Engineering

Professional Services

  • SGUS Programme in Business Practice – Accounting
  • SGUS Programme in Business Practice - Customer Relationship and Service Management
  • SGUS Programme in Business Practice - Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • SGUS Programme in Human Resource Management
  • SGUS Programme in Fund Management & Administration
  • SGUS Programme in Sport Management & Marketing
  • SGUS Programme in Service Experience Design and Innovation
Chemical Engineering
  • SGUS Programme in Environmental Management & Water Technology
Transport and Logistics
  • SGUS Programme in Business Practice – Supply Chain Management
  • SGUS Programme in Supply Chain Management

Infocomm & Media

Digital Media
  • SGUS Programme in 360 Video Production
  • SGUS Programme in Enhancing Moving Images
  • SGUS Programme in Gamification Approach to User Experience Design
  • SGUS Programme in The Art of Motion Graphics
Infocomm & Technology
  • SGUS Programme in ICT (Cyber Security & Data Analytics)
  • SGUS Programme in Visual Communication

Business & Retail

  • SGUS-SIRS Programme in Manage Retail & Enterprise in the Digital Age
  • SGUS-SIRS Programme in Digital & Leadership Skills to Excel in the Future of Retail & Business

Food Manufacturing

  • SGUS Programme In Food Safety, Quality Management And Food Science 

Food Services

  • SGUS-ACI Culinary Arts Programme
  • SGUS-ACI Pastry & Baking Programme