Financial Matters / Financial Assistance

Bursary for Part-Time Diploma Students

Eligibility Criteria and Conditions

  • Singapore citizens

  • Full qualification part-time diploma students, who pay subsidised fee, with Per Capita Income (PCI) ≤ $2,250 OR Gross Household Income (GHI) ≤ $9,000

  • Not a recipient of full scholarship (cover tuition fees and allowance) or sponsorship in the same academic year.

  • Excludes specialist diploma courses, advance diploma courses and modular courses.

    Bursary Name

    Quantum per Semester

    Income Eligibility Criteria 

    #Click here for important notes for GHI and PCI

    Application Period

    (Estimated Disbursement Period)

    Disbursement Arrangement

    Per Capita Income (PCI)#






    Gross Household Income (GHI)#

    1)  01 Jun - 11 Jun, 2022

    (Sep 2022)

    The application outcome will be emailed to your NYP Student email address by end-Aug 2022.


    2) 17 Oct - 6 Nov 2022

    (Feb 2023)

    The application outcome will be emailed to your NYP Student email address by end-Jan 2023.


    To check your application status, please refer to the "Dashboard" in the NYP Student Portal

    Bursary will be used to offset any outstanding fees before disbursement of any balance.


    Click here for more information.

    Higher Education Bursary (HEB) Tier 1


    ≤ $1,000


    Higher Education Bursary (HEB) Tier 2



    $1,001 to $1,725

    $4,001 to $6,900

    Higher Education Bursary (HEB) Tier 3


    $1,726 to $2,250

    $6,901 to $9,000


How to apply

Step 1: Apply Online

a) Apply online through NYP Student Portal during the application period. 

b) Click “Apply Financial Assistance and Awards” -> “Bursaries”.

c) Click “Confirm” to submit your bursary application.

d) Check the acknowledgement email sent to your NYP email account if you have successfully completed application. You must upload all required supporting documents within 5 days from the date of application (using the link in the acknowledgment email or via File Upload System under step 3a).

Download System User Guide and FAQ on online application


Step 2: Gather Supporting Documents

a)   Gather documents as indicated in the Checklist of Supporting Documents, and the current semester Tax Invoice# .

b)   Scan softcopies of documents using Microsoft Office Lens (Android/IOS) if you do not have a scanner at home.

Download Checklist of Supporting Documents and FAQ

# Tax Invoice can be obtained @ myNYP portal > Financial Matters > Fee Status/Bill or Reminder/Semestral Statement.


Step 3: Upload Supporting Documents

a)   Upload supporting documents using the link provided in email (see step 1d) or File Upload System Link.

b)   Complete upload of supporting documents within 5 days after completion of application in Step 1.

Download Upload Supporting Documents User Guide and FAQ


Important Information

  • The bursary for part-time diploma students is disbursed on a semester basis.

  • Students need to apply only once in an academic year. Students are encouraged to apply bursary in Semester 1 as successful applicants in Semester 1 will continue to get the same quantum of bursary in Semester 2 if he/she still meets the criteria then. 

  • Students are to remain contactable via NYP email or mobile phone number after submission. NYP bursary team will contact you if further clarification is required.