Financial Matters / Financial Assistance

  • MOE Bursaries

    • Applicants must be enrolled in a part-time diploma course at the time of application and receipt of the bursary.
    • In general, applicants must not be receiving sponsorships/full scholarships in the same academic year. As a reference, full scholarships cover tuition fees payable and a monthly or annual living allowance.
    • Students will be informed of the application exercise and application procedures, through their NYP email, about a week before each application exercise.
  • Application Periods for AY2019 (subject to change)

    Part-time Diploma

    26 November - 1 December 2019

  • Application Procedures

    Application is done in two steps:

    1. Submit application online @myNYP Portal account.
    2. Submit Declaration Form and supporting documents at i@Central (Information and Service Centre). Click here for a checklist of supporting documents.

    The MOE Bursary for part-time diploma students is given out on a modular certificate basis. Students have to apply every semester.